Monday, January 09, 2006

Behind the wheel!

After not driving for more than a year, we are once again blessed with a vehicle! Praise God that we have something to drive. Here is picture of our van or "mini bus" as the Russians call it! Even I have trouble stepping up into this thing! Just as a sidenote, did you know that if we leave our vehicle outside for longer than an hour without it running that it might freeze? So you are asking what do we do then???? Well, we have a timer that is set for every hour to turn on our car for 15 minutes while we sleep! And yes, it does use ALOT of gas! We learned this the hard way and had to be towed yesterday to a garage just for it to heat up for a couple of hours.


Anonymous Paul Hinson said...

How tall of a step ladder does JoeD need to enter the mini-bus?

9:53 PM  

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