Saturday, March 11, 2006

youth leader conference

It was so cool for Jody this weekend because he go to do what he loves to do! He loves training ministers in how to reach youth. He was given the priviledge to do this this weekend with men from all over the "krai" or "State". 21 men came for this event and are prayerfully considering what God is wanting them to do in their area. Pray with us for these men of God as they seek His will.

Women's Day!! Very popular here!

Here Women's Day is on the 8th of March and this is a day where all females are celebrated! All ages get gifts and have this day to rest. In these pictures you see me with the girls having a program that their teachers had planned to celebrate the girls and their moms. We had a lot of fun dancing, the kids sang a song to us, and we played lots of games!

Us at the circus

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to the circus. We always enjoy this time and make memories. It has become our winter tradition to go to the circus even in Russia. Something interesting about this circus was that the only animals involved were cats, dogs, and pigs. It was very funny actually and the kids loved it. The clown was the best part because he interacted with the audience and was VERY funny!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

More joys of living in a frozen land.........

Here is MaCayla tubing on an ice slide in the park in the center of town. Every weekend someone brings out tubes for people to rent and use and slide down onto the center of what normally is a pond, but is of course frozen over in the winter time. She loved it and so did the rest of the family, with one exception............. Can you guess who was the chicken? This person went despite their fear though!

The joys of living in a frozen land!

In this picture you see Aiden being pulled by a dog. This is a nice Russian woman who wanted to give the American children a ride on her dog-lead sled while we were in the park. All of them loved it. He didn't go TOO fast! :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Leia's new hairdo

Here is Leia's new "princess" hairdo. That's what she calls it! She really likes it and I think she looks adorable.

Behind the wheel!

After not driving for more than a year, we are once again blessed with a vehicle! Praise God that we have something to drive. Here is picture of our van or "mini bus" as the Russians call it! Even I have trouble stepping up into this thing! Just as a sidenote, did you know that if we leave our vehicle outside for longer than an hour without it running that it might freeze? So you are asking what do we do then???? Well, we have a timer that is set for every hour to turn on our car for 15 minutes while we sleep! And yes, it does use ALOT of gas! We learned this the hard way and had to be towed yesterday to a garage just for it to heat up for a couple of hours.

Ice Slides

The kids have been begging to go on the ice slides here......... so yesterday we took them. I thought it would be too cold to play, but I was wrong. The kids loved it. Here they do ice sculpting and they also build these slides made of ice. The kids go down them on card board, or some have special things to slide on, or you can go just on your buttocks! That's what we did. Yes, even I (Melanie) went down it a few times! Aiden loved it so much that he cried when we went to leave. He led a pack of boys into going down FACE first on their bellies! That's my little leader!

Finally in K-Town!

We are finally here! The ice, snow, and friendly people have welcomed us with open arms. We went from 20 degrees Celcius in Krasnodar to -1 degrees in Moscow to - 14 degrees in Khabarovsk the day we arrived! We didn't know cold, but now we do! We think 0 degrees is "warm" now!
We celebrated the holidays with our team which was cool and have just been settling in. Things are starting to get rolling now that the holidays are coming to an end. This picture is Christmas Eve in our home celebrating with our team. The day before this we received our container that had all our stuff so it was a good Christmas.